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Modular solutions for easy installation

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HVAC Automation

Eliminate localized hot & cold spots with the HVAC automation module, which automatically manages zonal temperatures based on occupancy and ambient temperatures. The in-built AI engine gathers data from wireless sensor platform, and constantly tunes the building’s HVAC systems to ensure maximum comfort and minimum energy spend by managing AHU fan speed and chilled water demand. Critical parameters of the Chiller Plant are also measured and monitored for ensuring maximum energy efficiency. 

Energy Monitoring

With environmental sustainability becoming a top goal for most companies, our solution offers a module that will enable facility teams to monitor the facility’s energy consumption at glance. Along with real-time dashboards, this module contains comprehensive analytics which will allow the facility to get quick insights on energy wastages, anomalies on energy spends etc. The Energy Monitoring module can easily integrate with a wide variety of energy meter brands.

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Lighting Automation

A module for occupant-dependent lighting controls along with dimming and daylight harvesting strategies, which automatically minimizes lighting energy spend. This module is built on a platform of wireless IoT sensors and controller hardware, which is easy to install and maintain. Features such as scheduling and manual overrides are available through a web-app-based software UI

UPS and Battery Monitoring

Ensuring that the company’s operations are running smoothly 100% of the time is a key concern for facility teams. And this means that UPS systems for critical equipment should be maintained and monitored closely. Our platform makes this easy to accomplish with modules for monitoring UPS status as well as health of UPS batteries. Critical parameters of the UPS and its batteries are analysed in real-time so that maintenance can be planned for well in advance

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Space Management

For the growing trend of flexible workspaces, which require constant monitoring and sanitization to ensure employee safety, our solution has an in-built module that enables employees and facility teams to book their seats, whenever they work at their offices. In addition, this module allows both employees and facility teams to book conference rooms as per availability. The software UI comes with analytics and trends on space usage which will enable facility teams to plan their resources.

Parking Management

Eliminate frustration and time wasted searching for parking with the Parking Management module.It incorporates a wide variety of products for your building's needs - from slot-wise monitoring to access control. This module frees up facility personnel from the cumbersome job of managing traffic in rush time, through real-time monitoring and display of vacancies at floor, zone and building level. A suite of comprehensive analytics enables facility teams to gain insights into how the parking spaces are being utilized

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