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AIoT-Based Building Automation 

The Next Generation of

Building Management Systems


Transform your buildings to become SelfAware® so that they provide the best workplace in terms of comfort, convenience and control while impacting positively on your efficiency and environment goals.

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IoT platform

Improve efficiency through distributed sensing and a closed-loop-control built on a platform on wireless IoT devices


Visualize your building's performance through our software platform which creates a digital twin of critical building systems

AI Engine

Built to learn and adapt continuously to the environment to reduce energy spend without compromising on comfort

Our Value-add

We have a seamless, learning system built on an open-systems model that makes the building SelfAware®– requiring limited supervision.

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Easy to Use

User friendly software to Monitor and control your building from anywhere, anytime on any device

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Easy to Install

A modular platform built around wireless hardware devices, which makes it easy to add on top of existing infrastructure.

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Easy to integrate

Open platform makes it easy to integrate with existing systems without the need for extra investment on new devices.


Ready to find out more?

Every building is designed differently and may not be able to work with off-the-shelf solutions. Our team of experts will work with you to design a solution that works best for your project - be it an retro-fit or a new construction

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